WiSyncPlus Supports MMS

Support for MMS APNs is now available in 1.4.17.

Support for MMS APNs is now available in 1.4.17. Desire to implement this feature has existed for over seven months. Many users should find this feature beneficial. To benefit from this feature requires the device has multiple APNs whereby one of which is of type 'mms'. To enable support, edit WiSyncPlus' global settings preference and check the, 'Ignore MMS APN(s)', preference.

While it is possible for users to create their own MMS APN, this is not officially supported. Only very technical users should attempt to do so. Please do not ask for support should you implement this on your own.

WiSyncPlus users with multiple APNs will find enabling this option results in less connectivity disruption when toggling APNs. As a side benefit, time for both toggling and establishment of connectivity is slightly improved.

WiSyncPlus' roaming protection will have no effect on MMS APNs when the global option is enabled. While this does open the door for roaming related MMS data fees, MMS applications themselves should provide roaming protection. Accordingly, this protection is deferred to MMS applications to prevent option conflict. Please make sure your MMS application has roaming protection set in accordance with your operating and budget desires.