Smart display management for your phone. Stop suffering with clumsy timers. Let DimBot automatically and slowly brighten or dim your display based on sunrise and sunset.

Tired of being blinded by your phone at night? Tired of an unreadable display during daytime? Tired of using timers which never adjust your display properly because of constantly changing sunrise and sunset times? Tired of endlessly changing timers in an effort to keep up with the ever changing length of daylight? Tired of location based applications which never seem to get your display quite right? Then DimBot is here for you!

DimBot smoothly adjusts your display's brightness based on sunrise and sunset, at your current location, to your configured settings. DimBot tells you sunrise, sunset, and makes it easy to adjust display settings. Dimbot even automatically adjusts for daylight savings, timezone changes, and a physical change in location. An enabled location provider required to determine your physical location.

DimBot now supports Toggle Brightness. When enabled, touching the DimBot notification toggles between your day and night brightness settings, making DimBot even more valuable in a variety of changing light conditions.

DimBot has been specifically designed to prevent rapid, uncomfortable brightness changes, which are likely to leave you temporarily blinded. DimBot achieves this by slowly adjusting your display's brightness over a configurable period of time, centered on sunrise and sunset; by up to two hours. DimBot adjusts your display brightness while you use your phone or with it in sleep mode.

What does "centered" mean? For example, if sunset occurs at 7:30 and DimBot is configured to adjust over a one hour period, it will begin adjusting your display at 7:00 and finish adjusting at 8:00. As you can see, it is centered on 7:30, with the hour split in half, allowing for 30-minutes of either side.

Say goodbye to night blindness and unreadable, dim displays forever! Stop staring down the barrel of a flashlight every night! Your eyes will thank you! Get DimBot now!

DimBot is the application all other display management applications have copied. Either that other application is kludged together using unofficial APIs or they copied DimBot. Any application using unofficial APIs to manage your display is likely to break with future Android updates. So don't get caught or use second fiddle applications. Use the original application which did it right. Get DimBot now!