Ultimate WIFI and cellular control over contacts, GMail, and calendar synchronization for your Android Phone. Saves battery and roaming dollars as no other application can! Take control of your phone back!


You'll be amazed just how long your battery will last when all those applications, including Google's core services, are not allowed to wake your phone and access the Internet anytime they want.

Android 1.5, 1.6, 2.0, 2.01 Fully Supported!

WiSyncPlus works very well on all current versions of Android.

Android 2.1 Compatibility!

The good news is WiSyncPlus can still save lots of power for Android 2.1 users. With Android version 2.1, all features work except for control of auto-synchronization and forced synchronization of contacts. Once again, Google has changed their interface. Work to bring about Android 2.1 compatibility is already underway. All other features on Android 2.1 are fully supported. So what you waiting for? We still got you covered!


WiSyncPlus's unique combination of features is designed to provide incredible synchronization control while drastically extending the life of your phone's battery. WiSyncPlus does so without getting in your way. How can it do this?
  • Make and receive calls without issue. WiSyncPlus does not interfere with normal, voice operations.
  • SMS texting works without issue. Sending or receiving SMS text messages is not a problem - so long as you can see signal bars on your phone.
  • Support for MMS(*) is now in place!
  • Prevents all Internet communication until you allow it. It even stops Google's core services from constantly networking in the background!
  • Force synchronize your phone when you're ready rather than wait for Google's "tickle".
  • Schedule periods when you want your phone to allow Internet communication.
    • Set how long and the frequency of each event in a 24-hour period, 7-days a week. Allows for easy creation of both weekday and weekend schedules.
    • Multiple events can be scheduled per day.
    • Automatically enable/disable your data connections (WIFI/Cellular) when you want to allow network communications.
    • Force a synchronization on your schedule rather than wait for Google to initiate.
  • Optional advisers notify you of ways to save battery life based on your current operating environment. This is just another way WiSyncPlus can save more power than any other application available for Android.
  • Automatically enable your cellular and WIFI connections when you turn your display on. Save battery when you don't require Internet access. These features means your connection is available when you want it.
  • Enable cellular connection and/or WIFI connection, and synchronization when you start charging.
  • Disable cellular connection, WIFI connection, and synchronization when you finish (disconnect) charging.
  • Turn off cellular connection, WIFI, and event event scheduling when your battery becomes critically low.
  • Optional Roaming Protection automatically disables your APNs as soon as your phone begins to roam.
  • Optionally prevents enabling your APN when your phone is roaming to ensure you don't get dinged with data roaming charges. It even prevents scheduled events from enabling your APN when roaming. This is just one way WiSyncPlus can save you money.
  • Automatically disable your cellular and WIFI connections when your phone goes to sleep. And I don't mean idling your WIFI connection, which still uses battery and periodically wakes up and communicates with nearby access points. WiSyncPlus remembers to turn it off, so you don't have to.
  • Easily disable or enable schedule events without the need to delete and create. Provides power and flexibility to more easily support your changing schedule.
  • Automatically synchronize your phone when connected to a WIFI access point providing Internet Access.
  • Optionally enable a notification to easily turn off and on your Internet access; WIFI and APN.
  • Optionally be notified if WIFI is left on but not connected. This prevents your WIFI from draining your battery when WIFI is not in use.
  • WiSyncPlus now has twelve shortcuts. With one click on your desktop you can:
    • Toggle APN
    • Toggle WIFI
    • Enable Auto-Sync
    • Disable Auto-Sync
    • Force Synchronize - your customer configuration
    • Synchronize Calendars
    • Synchronize Contacts
    • Synchronize Gmail
    • Lock APN to prevent scheduler from turning it off.
    • Lock WIFI to prevent scheduler from turning it off.
    • Enable APN and Launch Browser
    • Enable WIFI and Launch Browser
  • WiSyncPlus remembers if you manually enabled Internet access. Should a scheduled event fire which would turn off your Internet access, WiSyncPlus doesn't allow it. That's just one more way WiSyncPlus works hard to transparently work with you.
  • More features and actions are already planned! So go on, what are you waiting for? This is a "must have" application for every Android phone.
Note (*): MMS Support requires multiple APN support from your carrier.